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Injured guitarist will record for "credit" (Central Pennsylvania)

Let's start with the simple ad (a more detailed ad is found below):

I recently had surgery on my fretting hand. I need to get it back into "playing" condition. So, I am offering...
To record simple guitar parts for local artists for free, providing I am properly credited on any and all material.

My gear in Pennsylvania is limited. I provide 6-string electric guitar and a modeler.
If you provide an acoustic, I can use it.
If you provide a 12-string (acoustic or electric), I know how to play them and I would love to give it a shot but can't make any guarantee that I can perform due to the extra strength required on my fretting hand. - I won't know until I try.

I will not perform on any extended range guitars (7-9 strings, baritone, tenor guitars, etc). Not only have they never been part of my main repertoire, but also because this offer is part of my rehab and those instruments require different strengths, flexibilities, and techniques which I am not concerned with at this time. And, face it, if that is something your music requires, it probably falls beyond "simple guitar parts".

That's it. It is that simple.
Free for credit.

I need to perform. You need the performance.
I help you. You help me.

However, the minute you say "free", you get bombarded by all sorts of offers. Here's a more in-depth write up which I feel is needed due to some of the wild responses I have received:

I am in the area for the foreseeable future while recovering from surgery on my fretting hand.
*I expect to be here at least until start of March.

Obviously, part of the recovery process is for me to start playing again.
So, I am offering to record minor guitar parts for local artists for free, provided I am properly credited on any and all material.
*free does not waive my right to receive future royalties (assuming you are affiliated with any of the major collection organizations - such as AFM, SAG-AFTRA, BMI, ASCAP, etc). It simply means no upfront fee. I mean, I can't believe that I have to state that on a Harrisburg Craigslist posting (because I wasn't expecting multi-platinum album sales), but since I did get approached to do a movie soundtrack from out of state, there are obviously readers willing to take advantage of the situation.

If you need something more:
Such as the previously mentioned out of state movie production, or if you are, as example, a local solo artist/singer/songwriter that needs a guitarist to back him, but the guitar parts are fairly easy - let's talk, I will (if I can) do it for a minor fee (plus the proper credit).
*This "minor" fee prevents my offer from being taken advantage of, while still getting you a discounted rate on services provided since I am not running at full steam and am doing this "off book" without involving "the suits".
**You will be paying per diem - travel, food, lodging while on set.

I am not offering to write your songs for free. I am not your booking agent or PR guy. I am not looking to record your Prog Rock album for you. I am not looking to be the dominant force behind a Neo-Classical Fusion masterpiece.
To use a popular phrase - "3 chords and the truth" is all I am offering.
I am doing this for free because it is more structured/serious than doing it alone at home. You are my therapy. Not my full time gig.

If you like baseball, think of it as spring training, a charity softball game, or a rehab assignment in the minor leagues. It is not the World Series.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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