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Are you a solo artist? I'll make you famous.

WHOA, SLOW DOWN. Don't everyone email me at once. Read the rest of the ad first.

And how am I going to do this?
I'm not. You are going to do it for yourself. Or you won't, and you will be a failure like 99% of those that try.

So, then, what do I offer?
Easy. I don't want to be famous. I just want paid. You can do your solo thing. You can be the boss. You can be the master of your own fate.
Again, what is it that I offer?
I am an employee, not an equal partner. I get paid to do what the boss (you) says to do. I don't have any say in what direction we go. It is not up to me to create an image. My image is what the boss, you, says it is. I don't need to try to "hot dog it" to get my own 15 minutes, because it is your stage. There will be no arguing over who's song should be the lead single, or who's face should be used on the album cover - because I have no input.

All I offer is - I do what you pay me to do. I will make you look good---- assuming you are making yourself look good. But you never have to worry about me making you look bad.

I play guitar for live events (plus rehearsal time). That is the primary service you will be buying.

Beyond that, other services available are:
studio work.
limited singing - It is about making you look good, if it is beyond my qualifications did you want to me do it on YOUR stage?
song writing.
producing - not the hip hop "yo, ima produca" definition. A producer, as in a studio professional that can... ya know what, if I have to explain it to you, you don't need it.
piano/keyboard playing.
As part of the studio performance, I offer tone creation.
Other services as needed.

Understand, this is not for hobbyists. There will be a contract signed. And I will be paid regardless of how much money your company brings in or how often you utilize my services.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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