Dean Cadillac - $400 (Hershey)

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a note for Dean aficionados - I kid you not. The Dean catalog called this an Elite-X even though just about everywhere else it would be an E'lite, and there is always confusion between what is an E'lite and a Cadillac particularly since they also have a Cadillac Elite and a Cadillac-X.
So, basically, don't shoot the messenger. Dean Elite-X is the name until I find something saying otherwise.

For cash sale (and possible, but doubtful, trade - try an MIK Ibanez or MIM/MIJ Charvel, maybe MIM Fender or MIJ Epiphone)

A gig bag is included at $400. A case will be included for $50 more.

Dean Elite-X
basswood body (no flame)
"Duckbill" headstock - please note, this is not a Shrimp Fork. It is rounded/arched and not symmetrical. Like a duck. Not a fork.
Grover tuners (original)
maple neck with rosewood fingerboard (original but see mods below)
24.75" scale length
locking bridge
original tail piece
original pickup rings attached
original truss rod cover attached
original electronic covers are attached

Here's the mods:
- there are no electronics. I left ground wire for you. I had a custom configuration. I am keeping it, so now you get to pick your own (if you want to plug in).
- the neck is raw wood. no more nasty clear coat.
- the fretboard has been darkened. not only is darker better, but it gives a more 'even' appearance than the original streaky grain.
- truss rod cavity has also been darkened to match the headstock. a benefit for those who tend to lose the plate or (like me) simply leave them off.

The bad:
- I just tossed on a set of old strings and there's only 5 of them. I figured why put new strings on since there are no electronics. The old strings are enough for you to test it out.
- the original jack plate is there and is usable (see pictures). it is broken in 4 pieces with one piece missing.
- typical nicks and dings on the body
- minor headstock split at the tuner, not a full break. has been repaired. will not be a problem moving forward.

Please note:
- I don't know you or your playing style. Nor am I your personal tech/luthier. Guitar is playable as is... according to me. Once you own it, you are free to use whatever setup you'd like.

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Dean Z Zelinsky Chicago USA DBZ
1977 1978 Gibson Explorer Les Paul V
Elite E-lite E'lite E lite X Seymour
Duncan Sustainer DiMarzio Super
Distortion humbucker ML Dimebag
Darrell DGK-ELX RG Stratocaster

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