*SOLD* Dean 35th Anniversary ML *SOLD* - $2,750 (near Hershey Park)

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I am leaving the posting up because:
1. In case the purchaser wants to contact me.
2. Due to the limited numbers of these guitars, it is nice to have a "sales tracker". I remember having a horrible time trying to find data on these when I decided to put it up for sale. Pay it forward by letting others see the information.



Dean ML
A limited edition anniversary model. Only 150 made. Clearly marked with "XXX of 150" instead of your run of the mill serial number. With just 150 available worldwide, this a true limited edition. Which is far different when compared to some of the "let's make a million of them and slap an anniversary logo on it to make people think it is special" type of items that you typically find.

The closest thing to a 1977 that Dean has ever made since... well... since 1977.

Ebony fingerboard - ebony wood. dark in color (because not all wood from an ebony tree is dark/black)
vintage red side dot markers
24-3/4" scale length (that's Gibson length, not Fender)
thinner neck profile than standard models
Abalone dot inlays
Grover Rotogrip locking tuners

creme DiMarzio Super Distortion neck pickup - original to the guitar
black Gibson Dirty Fingers+ bridge pickup - not original to the guitar (notice the "plus". it is not your standard Dirty Fingers.)

Original hardshell case - form fitted interior for extra protection. embossed with Dean logo and limited edition anniversary label.

Please note:
1. These were imported. But no one knows from where. Dean never disclosed a country of origin. Anyone who says otherwise is telling lies because they are afraid to say "I don't know", unknowingly repeating lies they were told, or has inside information that no one else has (I would love for them to disclose the source simply to put an end to the question).
2. The Dirty Fingers+ is an older model and were pretty rare at the time. So rare, that some never knew a + existed. I mention this because I noticed that Epiphone has been using a DF+ en mass. But why put such a nice almost-boutique pickup on cheap imports. I don't know if they are the same pickup, or if they just share the same name.

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