FREE Water Test (New Cumberland)

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FREE Water Test
We are offering FREE residential and commercial water tests for a limited time.

Are you buying bottled water because your tap water tastes or smells bad? Or, maybe you know you can’t trust your tap water? How about scale build up on your faucets or green scale on your copper pipes? Do you need more and more soap to get things clean? Soap scum in the shower got you down? How about pin holes in your plumbing? Maybe you have had to change your water heater every 5 or 6 years? Or, you aren't able to drain your water heater due to scale buildup at the internal drain? Are you using more and more conditioner to make your hair feel silky and soft?

Your water might be slowly harming you and your home and you don’t even know it.

Your water might be fine and causing no issues. Knowledge is power and it’s free to find out.

Let me test your water for FREE and we can tell you if your water is the culprit and how to fix it, if it is.

Search for tap water data base online and read about municipal water supply requirements. You might be able to enter your zip code to see your specific provider. You will see what your water company is and isn’t doing for you.

Well owners. We can test your pH, Iron, Nitrates, hardness and Total dissolved solids. Your plan will be specific to any needs that might become apparent during the testing.

Reach out today to see if you are in our service area and make an appointment. Leave a message with your water concerns, your name, address and phone number, if I am not able to answer when you call. Please send the same information if you choose to text or email.

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