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Material Buckets

Fits any size skid steer loader and compact tractor. Comes in 3 models to meet your exact needs. (compact tractors to large frame skid steers) 5 different sizes (60-inch to 84-inch), engineered to fit your machine - get the bucket that you desire.

Series 1 - $1685 - $1845 w/Weld-on Cutting Edge and $1940 - $2215 w/Bolt-on Cutting Edge
Series 2 - $1765 - $1995 w/Weld-on Cutting Edge and $2075 - $2360 w/Bolt-on Cutting Edge
Series 3 - $1960 - $2255 w/Weld-on Cutting Edge and $2270 - $2625 w/Bolt-on Cutting Edge
Series 4 - $2020 - $2330 w/Weld-on Cutting Edge and $2325 - $2695 w/Bolt-on Cutting Edge

Rock Buckets

Our rock buckets have a contour tine design to grab the most difficult material while still being able to sift through unwanted debris - helps cut downtime and trips to the dump area. Fast clean-ups, sifting out rock and debris from soil, transferring material to other places and even used to clean up waste around the property. Built For Skid Steers, Tractors & Compact Tractors (* 60 Inch * 66 Inch * 72 Inch * 78 Inch * 80 Inch * 84 Inch * 88 Inch) RK Series $1740 - $2290

Rock Grapples

The skid steer rock grapple is the perfect attachment for sifting rock, grabbing brush, moving logs, debris cleanup and much more. The ROG Series and RG Series are based on client recommendations and have been some of our best products. These two types of attachments are great for farmers who need to pick up rocks in the fields. You can easily pick up the rock while letting all the other material sift out between the tines. RG Series $2385 - $4070, ROG Series $2385 - $4070

Root Grapples

The Skid Steer Root Grapple is an absolute necessity on many job sites and in many environments. Open bottom framing allows the grapple to handle large trees, stumps, building material, rocks and much more, while the small debris falls to the ground. Two heavy-duty independent grapples powered by two 2500 psi cylinders have a massive 45-inch opening and are also completely removable in less than 10 minutes. RTG Series $2870 - $3095, RTG-XD Series $3700 - $3825

Root & Rock Grapples

The RRG-Series skid steer grapple bucket is a mix of our rock and root grapples. It has a narrower opening (6-inch) than our standard root grapples. This Grapple is great for moving Brush, Logs and debris. It is very popular for residential, and hobby farms. The massive 48-inch grapple opening height ensures the most capacity is carried with every load. RRG Series $2735-$3335

CG-XD Extreme Duty Grapple

This "Massive" grapple is intended for 100+ horsepower machines! It is intended for large skidsteers, utility tractors, and medium duty wheel loaders. It is the perfect fit for commercial or heavy use applications. It boasts a an impressive 60" grapple opening. It features the proven independent dual grapple design that allows the operator to get a solid clamp on uneven loads to maximize efficiency. This grapple is built with AR200 steel to be extremely tough and durable at a lighter weight. If you can pick it up, this grapple can handle it! CG-XD 86" $6750

Compact Clam Grapple

The The Compact Clam Grapple is the perfect attachment for homesteading and land management. It uses AR200 material throughout the design to ensure strength and durability. The grapple weighs in at approximately 360# Keeping it lightweight to maximize loader lifting capabilities, Top uses of the clam are moving logs, brush, debris, and removal of invasive species, and much more. It is engineered to the highest standards. This design includes greasable pivot points, different mount plate options, Independent Grapples, enclosed back with visibility cutouts. Mount plate options include skid-steer style, John Deere, H120, D120, 200, 300, 400 series loaders. CCG-56 or 66 $2,545 - $2,795

Manure Tine Grapple Buckets

Stinger Attachments Tine Grapple Buckets are the perfect skid loader attachments for multiple uses and have a wide range of versatility. The Tine Grapple Bucket can be used for countless jobs and applications but is mainly focused on farm use. The Tine Grapple Bucket from Stinger Attachments is built heavy and built to last, and also shows the quality we put into our work. MTG Series $3410 - $4260 MSG Series $3410 - $4260

Demolition Grapple Buckets

The Stinger Attachments DG Series demolition grapple bucket is the perfect Skid Steer attachment to meet a wide range of customer needs. The Demolition/Scrap Grapple uses the design of a solid bottom bucket, with sleek curved end plates and two heavy-duty grapples. The massive 48-inch grapple opening height ensures the most capacity is carried with every load. DG Series $2715 - $3265

Tree & Post Puller Attachment

The Stinger Attachments STP-34 Skid Steer tree puller attachment is the answer when it comes to pulling trees with a skid steer. The STP-34 has a wide range of uses, whether the operator is pulling out honeysuckle and buckthorn or pulling out larger diameter trees. The 34-inch total opening width allows the operator to place up to a 10-inch diameter tree towards the back of the jaws. It has a 6-inch x 6-inch x 0.75-inch spade on the front for multiple uses which also improves the attachments versatility. $2695

Bale Spears

Bale Spears are one of the cornerstones of farm/agriculture work. Moving large hay bales across wide-open spaces takes a certain kind of equipment. All Bale Spears (Series 1-4) are customizable and possess unique features to best aid your daily tasks.

The Series 1 bale spears are available in a standard triangle design and also with (3) 49-inch spears.

The Series 2 is a perfect piece of equipment for any farmer or rancher who wants to move medium to large round bales or square bales.

The Series 3 bale spear is a perfect piece of equipment for any farmer or large ranch wanting to move large square bales quickly.

The Series 4 bale spear is a perfect piece of equipment for any large ag producer moving large square bales 2 at a time.

Series 1 $1060 - $1165, Series 2 $970 - $1025, Series 3 $1130 - $1210, Series 4 $1250 - $1975

Land Plane

The Stinger Attachments Land Plane Leveler is the perfect piece of equipment for Landscapers, Construction, and Farmers. Common jobs for the attachment would be Top Soil Prep, Rough Driveway, Trail Grooming, Construction Site, etc. It includes a 3/4-inch x 6-inch cutting edge front and back, two heavy-duty 3.5-inch x 3.5-inch, 3/8-inch angle irons for leveling material. $2055-$3380

Tine Manure Buckets

The Tine Bucket or better known as manure bucket is very popular in the agriculture field. Farmers like the design when cleaning up manure bedding from livestock. Our heavy-duty 2-inch 1045 tines have an 8-inch on center placement allowing a 6-inch opening between the tines. The tine bucket is also available with grapple. $2115 - $2665

Stump Buckets

The stump bucket skid steer attachment was designed to easily rip small to large stumps out of the ground. Other uses of the product may be digging out large rocks and trenching. Our stump bucket attachment weighs approximately 355 pounds and can handle just about any job youre up against. With 3 pin on teeth $1285

Stump Bucket with Grapple

The Stinger Attachments stump bucket with grapple skid steer attachment was designed to easily and efficiently remove stumps. The sides are designed to rip through roots and loosen the stump to make removal easier. The narrow bucket width at just 12-inches helps easily dig into the ground with even smaller machines and compact tractors. The large 52-inch opening height allows for large stumps and rocks to easily fit into the bucket. With 3 pin on teeth $1880

Pallet Forks Attachment

The Stinger Attachments pallet forks are designed for heavy-duty use. We use industry-leading USA forks by Cascade Corp. They are backed by a 3-year warranty. Our frame design features a heavy-duty machined 1.25-inch x 3-inch top carrier bar, this top bar is then welded to a 3-inch x 2-inch structural tube to make the top support even stronger. The bottom carrier is a 0.5-inch x 3-inch flat welded to a 3-inch x 3-inch support tube. All Stinger Attachments products come standard with the universal skid steer loader quick attach plate. $1375 4000# Fork Rating (4-feet long), $15460 5500# Fork Rating (4-feet long), $1,765 5500# Fork Rating (5-feet long)

Skid Steer Concrete Bucket

The Stinger Attachments skid steer concrete bucket is the perfect piece of equipment for contractors and agriculture use. The cement bucket allows the operator to save time and money by making it more efficient to get the concrete in hard to get to areas. The bucket comes in two different sizes to fit your needs, 0.75 yard or 1-yard capacity. $2630-$2780

Tooth Bucket

The Heavy-Duty Tooth Buckets feature our standard 21-inch tall height with a deep 36-inch bottom. Engineered to provide maximum strength and digging capabilities. Available in 5 different sizes from 60-inch to 84-inch in width. This bucket is a great fit for loader tractors, and medium to large frame skid-steer machines wheel or track. . $2265 - $2720

Stinger Attachments

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