'THE BEAST' woodstove LOWERED PRICE - $1,500 (highspire)

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condition: excellent
size / dimensions: 26 3/4" x 19" x 34. LxWxH

SHTF Massive wood stove made out of 1/2" ROLLED STEEL (2 sides are 3/8"). Popeye of heating devices. It has a huge vault-like door. I think it's Brass. Won't last long. IT HAS A MOVABLE PLATE TRAY ON TOP YOU CAN COOK FOOD ON. It's one-of-of-kind and if you want it now you better have the money and manpower to move it. Text 'wood' first or a few times at show contact info so when you ring, I'll know it's not prank calls or salespeople trying to sell me junk I don't want.

My name is Mark. You can call me anytime if you want to see it. The widest piece of wood can be 9" in diameter to put in it if you are wondering - plus more after that. The belly of this beast is hungry; it might have came off of the Titanic. This sucker can burn all-nighters. Not for children. If you take it to your campsite, you better have a one damn good horse. LOL. (Cont. below.)

If you want to, there are so many possibilities to this burner. It's just such a nice piece of work. I was going to slide it into my fireplace but it was a just a few inches higher, and I didn't want to modify it. You could also weld a piece of black iron pipe on here and build a steam or hot water system with pumps, tees, valves, and all kinds of diversions. This is a heater that actually heats by direct air convection, but since you have a basic unit that burns wood, you could turn it into a super convector. Even if you welded or bolted angle iron to the the sides of this monster, I bet you could heat an entire airplane hanger. You'd be warm even if Hades freezes over provided you don't run out of wood. I wanted to do so many things to this to heat my entire house. It's one of those things it ends up consuming all of your time if you carry out all of the possibilities you wanted to do with it.

I wanted to pour a concrete foundation in my basement since I have a dirt floor down there and this house is Victorian (really it's an Edwardian house since Queen Victoria died and one of her kids was Eddie (lol) who was inline for the royalty thing whose name was Edward. I wanted to build up with block up to the first floor after cutting the first floor out. With the chimney flue I wanted to go up past the second floor, attic, and roof. But with this thing, the possibilities won't run dry. Even if you took regular pipe or flue and attached it to the sides of this thing while all of the same time connecting fans in the pipe to blow the air through them with other pipes attached. Wouldn't that be so cool? I never had the time to do all of that and on top of that I need some money, so I'm going to sell it. It's rare to find something like this that's 1/2" thick rolled plate steel. If if oil goes up to $200. a barrel, you'll be ready with this no matter what happens because they'll always be wood lying around. LOL. You'll always be ready with this thing if the SHTF. If your friends make fun of you by buying this for over-preparation when the SHTF, charge them for admission if their boiler breaks down and they need a place to stay for a while. All you are doing is getting some of your money back. LOL.

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