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Hello to everyone that's receiving this, this is Cedric Wright.
I won't to give the people that's in my world the opportunity of a lifetime. I would like to provide the opportunity for others to joining my new networking team of Day Traders and individual entrepreneurs...
I Cedric Wright has had experience of Day Trading the stock market and the experience of working with a Highly Day Trader Professional of 50 Years. (Mr. Adams)
I Cedric, has personally witness for myself for over months of working with Mr Adam and able to view him trading daily and making an average between $300 and $1200 aday. (My Word)
This was in 2011and 2012...
So we're now here in 2017 and along with my other technical business partner (Mr. Warrior Jennings) that will be heading the daily trading account.
Mr. Adams has agreed to guarantee or our money back, over a 10 day period and other times to making sure our account grows to a 25% rate of average minimum.
So with the guarantee help of minimum daily profits, we are looking to explain the Ideas over a conference call
Please Read Below!!!!

Thank You!!!!
Cedric Wright

Warrior Jennings:
What we are offering is Institutional level investment education. This opportunity is for the self motivated individual who can visually recognize the difference between a triangle. a circle, a rectangle, and a square.That's step number one. If after visually recognizing the shape, you have the self discipline and self control to follow the step by step by step instructions associated with this shape, you can run this business successfully.

Sometimes it really is not what you know but WHO you know. That's the scenario when I came in contact with a friend of a friend recently. After a conference call with my business partner I was given the opportunity to learn from a 50 YEAR MARKET VETERAN! That means trading before computers, and indicators, and TVs, and noise, and internets, and automated systems and black boxes and every other PRICE DERIVED informational source about what the market is doing. Along the course of the conversation my business partner and I were gifted the opportunity to forward the trading education he will be giving us to the members of the trading group we establish.

What does that mean for you? First, it means you get access to the exact same material and course, and videos that we do! There will be nothing that we get that you do not. How do I know? Because the second thing you will get will be every video conference and Skype call of my personal one on one training and coaching session with Mr. Adam recorded for your convenience and educational growth. But. . .what if you have a question?? Being a 18 year market professional myself and having successfully taught investment education classes I am more than capable of answering whatever questions you may have. If however I am not able to answer your question, it will be forwarded to Mr. Adam and discussed during our live training sessions. You will be seeing exactly what I see. Ask any question you want and as many questions as you need until you reach understanding. With understanding comes confidence, and trading confidently makes trading a whole lot more fun.

You will receive rules and step by step by step instructions on how to conduct the business of investing specifically involving day trading! When's the last time you had a 2.5 hour work day and made a 6 figure salary? The last time Mr. Adam did it was last year and I want in. He's going to show me the ropes and I have his permission to teach you as well. With 50 years of market experience between myself, my partner and Mr. Adam, we DO NOT know everything there is to know about trading, but we do know far more than enough to help you reach whatever number means financial freedom to you in 5-10 years.

We look forward to speaking with you. For more information and/or to set up a conference with the both of us contact

Cedric Wright - *email and number
Warrior Jennings - *email and number

Have a GREAT and Prosperous Day!



What the Training Covers in Day Trading

Finding the right Broker ( Comm & Help ) ___/___ Finding the Right ( easiest ) Platform ____/____
Opening an Acct. ____/____ Where to get INTO the Mkt ___/____ Where to get OUT ____/____
.. Every Position MUST have a Profit Limit Ord & a Stop LOSS ___/___ .. So you MUST know EXACTLY Where to place the Limit ( Profit ) & STOP LOSS Order ____/____
Day Trading Unlike Swing Trading... lets you SLEEP at nights and RELAX on weekends & days Off
Learn ALL New Rules NOT seen elsewhere, in Using Support and Resistance Levels
Learn when they will NOT work Market Orders can be DANGEROUS
Learn to trade with Strength ____/____
Know When the market has TURNED Using our Unique Method ____/____ Money back Guarantee
Other Traders lost thousands and more because they did NOT truly understand MARGIN ___/___
Learn Key Risk management ____/____ Futures trading involves RISK as does any Investment
involves 50x Less RISK than with NO training..... estimate 16hrs to Learn plus Practice 48hrs ____/____
Learn how to Use Our Unique Method to analyze Indicators.. giving strength to their value & your trade ____/ ____
One on One training on YOUR Schedule NET 15 - 40% and MORE per day see level 1 -- 3 ____/____
Franchises succeed because of 1) HANDS ON Training 2 ) Market Research 3) Ongoing
support and 4 ) Money Management We apply the same strategies to our DAY trading
The Method you will learn has been Back Researched over 10 years and traded
plus LIVE over 8 years. . . and grown stronger members see it every day... you can too
This is an in depth TECHNICAL Chart Based Method... includes an insight on actual FLOOR Trading
We NEVER chase a Losing position... Rarely Price Average. . . LIVE action with ZERO Risk while training
We are Never Long in a Downtrend or SHORT in an UP trend... UNLESS the special stop alerts to a True Market Trend Change
ALWAYS be ready BOTH ways... As Futures trading allows you to make Money UP, Down or sideways
Unlike Real Estate, ( and does NOT make money if the economy or asset value goes down or owning a
Business which requires far more money & No store hours, competition and always a ready Buyer or Seller ..
The idea here is unlike most investments your money is NOW & R O I of 400% per MONTH ..
get hands ON and Trade Live with an experienced and successful Day Trader....
There are thousands of Successful at home Day traders across the US alone.
Hundreds in Las Vegas alone
But of course they may be trading Forex , Metals , grains the softs various Indexes Options stocks etc Traders in stocks, futures, Forex, Business or Real Estate LOST Money usually because :
1 ) No Training or prior experience... thought they'd give it a whirl and see what happens
Traders Lost BIG Money because they did Not Understand or take advantage of Short Selling...
instead they Price Averaged ( The Road to RUIN ) ... & Lost Thousands even 100's of thou
: 2) In Business and Real Estate you can't make money if the market / economy goes down
In Business you often work 60hrs/wk.. worry about COMPETITION, employee stealing Gov reg 's
and an economy you can't control.....
And can NOT try it first to see if : YOU" can / WILL be successful in that Business or Real Estate
3) In addition Many Traders LOST Money because did Not use "STOPS" .....because they
did not know EXACTLY where to put them, often the Stops were too close or too far...
Did NOT know how to determine if the Market trend had turned or was just a
minor correction in the Longer Trend and or Waited too long
4 School of hard knocks is most often far more expensive than time tested rules coupled with Mentoring
5 Day Trading is A great HOME BASED Business.... #1) a REAL and PROVEN consistent financial Income.
6 .No hard to selling stuff like MLM or on the Internet, where you now find an Incredible Competition
. . ............We are dedicated to the Success of Our Client as opposed to a SCHOOL which we are NOTs

Level 3 Includes One year On-going support Short hrs to get a far above average income
Up to 100% ... Money Back written GUARANTEE . . .. .. See the Guarantee .for details
REQUIRED: In addition to Membership. . . for YOUR account, Computer, Printer , Web-cam,& SKYPE..
. don't delay..... 2 -- 4 wks SIM / DEMO Trading limited Membership Do it TODAY !
Talk to an experienced Day trader Call NOW for
NO Pressure , Friendly No Obligation helpful answers to your Questions .. satisfaction Guaranteed
Responsibility of Signature Consultants shall be to explain in detail all rules according to Introduction Level1 Find a broker if needed. w/ lowest Commission yet
Get access to Immediate help as is sometime highly desirable or absolutely required..
Easiest Lowest cost Platform to trade.. How to use the Platform for full advantage
Multi ways to Place Orders. . . SELL limit SELL Reversal SELL Stop etc Ave Profit Objective is 15% daily Monthly 1500 3 ways to know where the Most Buyers
and Sellers are .. Know EXACTLY where to Place STOPS protect against major Losses
Where to Place STOPS to maximize profits ( Liquidate your Position
Uses the 5 Min Chart: Intro to Indicators VOL ( 5 ways) + Mac & iCHI
Refundable * if the method Proven not to work*

Intermediate Level 2 includes Level ONE or add w/ Av Profit 25% /day
/ day 3K/mo Add Indicators Mac w/ Diverg & > ADX EMA Plus added TL's , the Lunch Box
Add the 3 min Chart Reversals on the CLOCK. . . All about Reports ( HUGE Possible
Gains 75 % Refundable * if the method PROVES NOT to work

Full Pmt / Package Level 3 or add w/ MIN Goal 40% 4K/mo per contract .. Using the 1 min chart candle to candle Using more Indicators: ADX Mac & Allig
Mini scalping POP Over / Under. . .PulBac Gaps & ALERTS & powerful Fractals
Get Trading access to a FREE 5,000 CASH trading, The 11 Pages Power packed
TERMS & Tips the Holiday calendar w trading insights & hrs &
6 month Support as needed plus 30 days LIVE support
Under the Guarantee this is 100% refundable**

** Signature Consultants GUARANTEE of satisfaction is based on the following terms
Member will do Simulated Platform Trading for 10 days within a 30 day period
Exclusively using the RULES as defined on the Fractal Signature Page
If the Method does NOT Prove Profitable... Then ___ % of the entire cost of the , based on the
level purchased Purchase price to be refunded within 5 working days from the Date the loss was
documented. Documenting includes Printout of All charts on days traded, The Profit and loss
statement showing price & time entered and exited or chart with Icons or SKYPE Postings
The Net Profit / LOSS, along with the Tracking form.... Showing only the RULES were
used in making the trades . . ..
in resalable condition . To date, NO ONE has ever asked for a REFUND

Ending thoughts again....
So the Entrepreneurship Vision recap is to...., provide a trading vehicle to all that's looking to joining the group. The group will talk about what they would like to do with the returns of profits during and after signup.
So Please get with Us as soon as possible, to discuss any questions

Thanks again for your time!!!!

Cedric Wright
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