Robin's Dockside Shop---Help Support American Legion Post 730 (Harrisburg)

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3813 Walnut Street
Support Penbrook American Legion Post 730's Future

The American Legion Post 730 needs your help in getting back on their feet.
3813 Walnut Street
Harrisburg, PA 17109

We have a Go Fund Me Page but if you want to send a check instead,
please mail it to that address, that is the American Legion's address
and you can go to Google to verify it

The American Legion Post 730 started in 1944
We are looking for New Members to join
We are asking everybody for a hand up to get back on our feet

Our Post Officers will be put into Office at the June meeting. Those who have accepted nominations have already been working to get the Post open again. Our plan is to open the canteen as soon as possible. The funds will be used to restructure our debt with our creditors so that we can start to recieve goods from vendors. The kitchen will open as soon as possible when we get the canteen up and running. Keep up to date on our website for any news updates at https://penbrookpost730.org Please read below to find out a little bit about us.

A local American Legion Post for the Community of Penbrook was started early in 1944. The First meeting was held on March 13, 1944, when eight temporary officers were appointed. Six of these were World War I Veterans and two were World War II Veterans. One week later County and District officers installed the first regular officers at the borough hall at 27th and Canby Street, where monthly meetings were held.

In choosing the name for the Post the membership chose the name of the community although the trend was to name Posts after Veterans with outstanding service awards or those killed in action. In the case of our Post ten (10) men were killed in action. First Commander C. R. Anderson related, in naming our Post, we had ten deserving heroes to choose from. By naming our Post after their community, Penbrook, we name it after them all. (Remember in 1945 and 1946 all members lived in Penbrook).

There is some evidence that Veteran activity went on in the 60's and 70's although no history was recorded. However in the 1990's a new surge of activity and drive again brought Post 730 back into the Legion main stream.

A new Post home was built in 2003, spiraling membership, officers in both county and district positions, and most important a surge of Veteran and community activity and services makes for a solid future For God and Country.

Some of our programs include financial support for Veterans in need through payment of medical expenses and other needs. Sponsorship of youth activities, scholarships and other academic goals.

The funds needed to conduct these activities have traditionally been through the income of our canteen operations and fund raising events (largely attended by our membership).

Due to the passing of many of our Veteran members, our abilities to fulfill our mission's financial needs are straining but we must continue.

Now, due to the predicament, we find ourselves unable to open our canteen or perform fund raising events, our continued service to our community is in jeopardy. Funds needed to maintain our building as well as those needed to continue our mission as Veterans are depleted. We are now asking for the help of our community in supporting our organization so we may continue to serve the local community as we have served our nation. Everyone's continued support and help in bringing new members is needed to boost our membership. We all know a younger military member, whether actively serving or served, we need them to join our family of Veterans. Please reach out to them and let them know that their fellow brothers and sisters need their help.

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